Selling Mortgage Protection Insurance From Home 


Selling mortgage protection insurance from home enables you to provide your customer with peace of mind while also earning a good living. Did you know that homeowners in Ohio take additional flood insurance coverage for additional protection? Due to this, the average house insurance cost in Ohio slightly increases. But don’t worry about the rates as you can compare quotes from various providers and choose the one that fits you. This blog will dive deeper into the average house insurance cost, coverages, and factors that directly impact the rates.   

How Much Does Selling Mortgage Protection Insurance From Home Cost? 

We all know that house insurance tends to get expensive as you go on adding coverages. But higher coverages will provide higher protection against major calamities. Regardless of these, let’s look at the actual cost of house insurance in Ohio for dwelling coverage of $250,000. 

  • Buckeye Insurance provides $419 annually.
  • Allstate has $848 annually.
  • Auto-Owners provides $791 annually.
  • Farmers have $949 annually.
  • State Farm provides $991 annually.
  • However, the rates mentioned above can be different for each person and are dependent on the coverages you take. When calculating the average house insurance cost in Ohio, we found out that for a dwelling of $250,000, it comes up to $872 per year. These rates are the average of the minimum house insurance coverage. Similarly, we provide you with the exact cost for your house and also have customized coverages as per your needs. Also, being included in an agent directory would also make it easy for prospective customers to contact you if they need insurance for their homes. 

    As a result, the insurance industry is very competitive to sell insurance. Since there are so many insurance providers vying on ways on how to sell insurance in order to attract more customers and maximize earnings, you will be able to find amazing discounts sooner than you think. By accessing a credible agent list website, you can also contact an insurer or find an insurance cluster. Similarly, consulting an insurance aggregator to find the best insurance carrier is a good idea.

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    selling mortgage protection insurance from home

    House insurance coverages   

    More important than the rates are the coverages you take. The basic house insurance coverage will provide the following coverages:   

    • Dwelling coverage: This policy coves for your house’s physical structure against various damages. For example, fire, storms, vandalism, hail, and many more. Basically, it will cover the costs of repairing the house structures.  
    • Personal property: This policy covers the personal belongings inside the house. For example, damages of furniture, jewelry, electronics, and clothing.     
    • Liability insurance: This covers the legal charges when you get sued for bodily injury caused to another person when they are on your property.   
    • Medical payments: In case a visitor gets hurt on your property, this policy will cover medical costs for the treatments.    
    • Additional living expenses: This policy covers the extra living expenses when your home gets damaged by covered perils and is inhabitable. For example, it will cover costs related to hotel expenses, restaurant expenses, and other living expenditures.  

    These coverages are the most common coverages that you can get in house insurance all over the U.S. Apart from these; we recommend house owners in Ohio to take flood insurance to protect themselves from the high risk of flood. Regarding we will help you make customized policy to get maximum protection. Also, if you’re interested in average house insurance cost Florida, you might want to our blog on that. 

    Key Takeaways on Selling Mortgage Protection Insurance From Home

    House insurance is like an investment that helps you protect your home and yourself from various unforeseen events. We looked at the average house insurance cost in Ohio, but that will not be the exact rate for you because other factors impact the rates. For example, the house’s location, the home’s current price, your credit score, history of claims, and many more. We help you get the exact cost for your house insurance and also help you compare policies to find the right one. Contact us to learn more.

    average house insurance cost snellville
    average house insurance cost snellville